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At All Saints the ability to appreciate knowledge is an integral part of the learning process. The media center and the computer lab cooperate to meet this objective and are considered an extension of the classroom.  From pre-K through eighth grade these centers, as well as the technology in the classrooms, provide tools to enhance the student's ability to become life-long learners.

 At the Pre-K level, students are read stories related to classroom lessons and seasonal events. They are encouraged to appreciate how wonderful books can be. Each week, they will spend 30 minutes in the Library/Computer Lab listening to stories, choosing books and learning about computers. They are introduced to a variety of activities involving robotics, engineering and programming. 

In Kindergarten, students will spend 40 minutes each week in the Library/Computer Lab  learning about the library and the books in it. Students are able to check out 1 book which is due back the following week. The students spend time in the computer lab where they are introduced to the computer, simple programs,  keyboarding, math, and small motor skills. Students will also be introduced to a variety of activities involving robotics, engineering, graphic arts and programming. 

In grades 1, 2, and 3, students still receive 40 minutes in Media/Computers. The media center time still involves reading a story in 1 st grade, but there is more emphasis on learning the "library map". The students begin to learn how to find the books of most interest to them. Students in grade 2 and 3 are also being introduced to research skills using encyclopedias and other scholarly sources.  In computers, keyboarding skills are emphasized and document formatting skills are introduced and refined. By second grade students are typing their language arts projects, in accordance to the creative writing process. Other software applications used during classes support all curriculum areas. Students will also begin to work more with activities involving robotics, engineering and programming. 

In grade 4 students are  receiving 2 classes a week split between media and Computers, although the lines between the 2 will begin to blur at this point as lessons are designed to seamlessly cross between the two subjects. In 4th grade, students are introduced to guided research in both the media center and the computer lab. Printed resources, videos, and the Internet are used to complement each other. Internet safety and "Netiquette" are emphasized. All research is classroom teacher directed as the curriculum guidelines are followed. Skills are refined with the use of Google docs and personal electronic devices. Students begin using Chromebooks now in all subject areas. Basics such as typing and computer vocabulary are interwoven throughout the curriculum and students are becoming more familiar with programming, robotics and engineering processes throughout the year. By this point technology and media are integrated throughout all of the student’s subjects.

By grades 5-8 students consider the media center and the computer lab to be their friends. They can now participate in "flex time"  which gives them 30 minutes per day to work on their assignments and special web quest projects. Students continue to receive a heavy emphasis on research and writing. Chromebooks help the students immerse themselves in technology while allowing them to be eco-friendly by saving on paper and printing. By this point they are becoming fluent in Google Docs, Microsoft, computer terminology and other important areas. They participate in project based research, robotics, 3D printing, graphic arts and many other cutting edge technologies throughout the curriculum. Students also practice being a good Digital Citizen and how to manage their digital footprint. 





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